About Spay or Neuter Your Kittens

Our mission is to empower Native communities to become healthier, happier, and safer by providing information, support, and resources for animal care programs in Indian Country.
Your gift to the Native America Humane Society helps us empower tribal communities to:

●  Provide food and veterinary care to rez dogs, cats, horses, and other animals
●  Establish and maintain humane population control services
●  Rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abused and abandoned animals
●  Conduct education programs to protect people and animals who share their sacred lands together
●  Find animals loving new homes

Your support helps us to provide our resources and expertise to tribal communities so that they can close the service gap that exists for people and pets due to the larger systemic inequities and injustices that exist within Indian Country.

You can make a one-time gift or schedule a monthly, quarterly, or even annually recurring donation to make your impact go farther. Tax deductible gifts can be made securely below​: